On the day Special November comes to an end

This November, which I believe marked about the third significant milestone in my life, brought the celebration of surpassing the age of 50 and, equally important, the presence of Grandma.

Work presented challenges at an extraordinary pace, unlike anything the average person encounters. It was a whirlwind of issues, keeping me quite busy. However, oddly enough, once it passed, there wasn’t anything particularly special about it.

In that sense, it became an occasion for Second Son to ponder the nature of his work.

The photo captures a hallway on the second floor of my grandparents’ house, where Second Son and 2-1 often stay when visiting. The hallway, adorned with a curtain put up as a joke during a DIY renovation, complements the nostalgic pennants that have been hanging there for over 40 years. It somehow creates a nice atmosphere, reminiscent of an “emo” moment by today’s standards, preserving the memories of November.

About a decade ago, while cleaning up the warehouse with my wife-to-be, we came across this type of curtain. Around 50 of them surfaced, and though we kept a few, unaware that they could be sold on online auctions, the rest were disposed of without a second thought (laughs).