Living in the Japanese countryside on weekends【June 2023 Summary Gallery】

Before the onset of the rainy season, busy June unfolds in the northern part of Saitama Prefecture with various farming activities.

Grandma’s corn harvesting begins, and simultaneous rice planting keeps everyone occupied. On Twitter, vibrant posts of hydrangea flowers, synonymous with the rainy season, paint a colorful picture of the upcoming summer.

While Second Son juggles work during weekdays, he manages to participate in the rice planting preparations. Engaging in the weekly corn shipments and savoring June in the land of his upbringing.

The first half of June made me realize how crucial water is for sustaining life.

At Grandpa and Grandma’s house, various types of hydrangeas are planted.

The blooming of these flowers signals the start of rice planting preparations, a realization that hits Second son.

When confirming the planting season with Grandpa, he predicts around the 5th, prompting mental preparation. With the physically demanding task ahead, miscalculations in pacing could affect the next day’s work, adding an annual dose of nervous excitement on that day.

Watching the water flow in the middle of the rice field while preparing, interacting with frogs, and finishing the evening exhausted, sitting by the ridge, provides a quiet moment to contemplate the significance of water in connecting life in the rice fields of June.

Late June: Admiring hydrangeas and saying “Good evening” to stag beetles.

June in Japan brings hydrangeas and memories of childhood.

Reflecting on the past, Second Son recalls picking ripe biwa (loquat) fruits from a neighbor’s tree during rice planting season.

The bustling time of planting coincides with the peak season for corn shipments. Despite the challenges, the joy of people relishing the harvested corn brings true happiness to Grandma and Grandpa.

The neighborhood buzzes with stag beetles in mid-June, signaling the beginning of summer preparations. As June concludes, the first attempt at beekeeping with Japanese honeybees reaches its time limit, leaving room for reflection.