Fly Fishing of a Japanese Family’s Father and Son

After a long time, 2-1, father and son, visited a stocked fishing pond. It was a visit for fly fishing and lure fishing.

2-1 has been familiar with fishing in natural streams and stocked fishing ponds since kindergarten, often dragged along by Second son. In a sense, a pitiable existence forced to accompany his father’s hobby (laughs).

On the other hand, Second son, who used to go fishing for small crucian carp and ayu in the stream alone since elementary school, naturally thought that his own child would also come to like fishing.

In his kindergarten days, 2-1 enjoyed joining stream fishing trips not so much for the fishing but for the camping and local hot springs. After entering elementary school, he occasionally started fishing with 2号’ s hand-me-down spinning tackle.

The top image naturally showed zero catch, but it captured the memorable moment when 2-1, for the first time, swung the rod. Even just casting and retrieving seemed enjoyable to him, and he repeated the process many times.

However, life is not so simple. The current 2-1, while not disliking fishing, doesn’t show a particularly high interest. Second son, who had arbitrarily decided that fishing would be the shared hobby for the father and son to enjoy, can’t help but feel a bit lonely (laughs).

Long-Awaited Visit to a Stocked Fishing Facility with 2-1

Despite announcing the fishing trip to 2-1 several days in advance for the first time in months, Second son was easily rejected with a casual “I’m good.”

However, with plans for a solo fishing expedition in the mountain streams, a last-minute change of heart occurred the night before, with a sudden decision, “I’m going too.” Eventually, 2-1 stayed overnight at Grandpa and Grandma’s house and the next morning turned into an outing for Area Trout.

Excited about his first fishing trip in two months, Second son arrived at the location with anticipation. However, the rainbow trout on this day seemed a bit sluggish, perhaps due to summer fatigue. Despite fervently presenting dry flies in a well-lit pond, Second son struggled to get any bites. More challenging was 2-1’s attempt at lure fishing for rainbow trout, spending over three hours casting without a single catch.

Feeling for his son’s lack of success, 2号 suggested, “How about trying fly fishing for a change?” But 2-1号 insisted, “I want to catch them with lures.”

Their only hope, during the stocking, was further dampened as rain started falling. As they threw lures in the rain, my children, without any success, sought shelter under a tree, presenting a somewhat tragic scene.

Even after the stocking, the rainbow trout continued to be unresponsive. Immediately afterward, as heavy rain poured down, they temporarily sought refuge under a tree but ended up getting completely soaked.


Would you like to try kebari fishing?

The fishing spot, where the rain had stopped, and the sun had once again appeared, underwent further changes with the addition of turbidity. Despite hoping that the conditions would somehow improve for 2-1 as well, the situation remained unchanged.

Nearby, what seemed to be a veteran fly fisherman was providing casting instructions to a young man trying fly fishing for the first time. The young man receiving guidance seemed a bit excited about his first experience with fly fishing.

Second son, without anyone to guide or consult with, watched this scene while puffing on an electronic cigarette. 2号 had a bit of a complex about fly fishing casting since he began without knowing the correct way to handle the equipment, and he thought it might have developed into a habit.

After taking a break, he resumed his fishing. Switching the nymph he had changed to at the beginning of the rain to the elk hair he had tied the day before, and floating it on the water, he observed a different reaction from the rainbow trout compared to before.

After catching a few more, he once again encouraged 2-1 to take the fly rod. Since they had plans scheduled for the evening, they could only stay at the fishing spot until 2:00 PM that day. Considering it was a Sunday where the parent involved the child in their hobby, going home empty-handed would be quite disappointing.

Fishing with Father and Son

And there was something that really made me reflect.

2-1, who finds it difficult to accept guidance, and 2, who is meticulous about details when it comes to hobbies.

When you think about it, their compatibility is the worst (laughs). Anyway, 2-1, who just wants to cast a rod, gets all worked up with comments like “Don’t lay the rod down. Your left hand’s position is off. Let out more line!” This led to an exchange when I wanted to continue fishing after 2-1 finally caught one.

2: It’s fine to keep using the fly.
2-1: No, thank you.

2: Why?
2-1: Because I’ll just get scolded.

2 realized that they were merely imposing their own values.

They were preoccupied with a group nearby receiving instructions on fly fishing, assuming that it would be fun if they caught something. They approached 2-1 based on their own perceptions.

Well, it’s no wonder things stopped being enjoyable.

After a bit of reflection, they decided to let their child continue fishing in their own way and just observe, taking a break nearby.

As they reminisced, they remembered the time when they first practiced fly fishing facing the flow of a river surrounded by rice fields. Also, the moment when 2-1 cast a lure for the first time. They were able to watch these moments with a calm heart, appreciating the joy of imperfect casting.

To the dad who wishes to make their child “a fishing enthusiast”… forcing it is a no-no (laughs).