Living in the Japanese countryside on weekends【July 2023 Summary Gallery】

Summer is here!

July brings an unmistakable summer vibe, with both people and nature embracing the heat.

Summer Traditions: Beetles, Bugs, and Festivals!

Since late June, Second Son has been exploring the nearby groves with Grandpa and Grandma, observing beetles like stag and rhinoceros beetles. Most observations happen at night, but due to rain the previous night, the first July visit occurred just before 5 a.m.

The early morning scenes surrounded by rice paddies were captivating, prompting a spontaneous photo moment for the local Second Son.

Moreover, mid-July brings summer festivals!

During this time, even on weekends, both Second Son and 2-1 enjoy the festivals to the fullest, skipping visits to Grandpa and Grandma’s house. They immerse themselves in the festivities and indulge in junk food from stalls for lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Intense Battle: Midsummer Rural Living

Early mornings are routine for farmers, and in summer, the pace accelerates significantly. However, in recent years, they try to minimize tasks during the scorching summer, especially when the true summer involves reducing workload.

Symbolic of summer, corn production concludes in early July. Amidst this, Second Son took on the task of pruning the hedgerow, a sweaty and challenging endeavor.

As the summer break begins, 2-1 has a school assignment to create an insect specimen. Engaging in beetle hunting with Second Son, they embrace the essence of a Japanese summer in the rural weekend.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.