Living in the Japanese countryside on weekends【October 2023 Summary Gallery】

October, marking the end of summer and the onset of true autumn, was a month filled with both delightful and busy events. Even for the usually work-oriented Second Son, there were numerous moments to sense the change in seasons.

This is a glimpse into our weekend country life.

Early October: Rice Harvest Begins

At Grandpa and Grandma’s house, the usual timing for rice harvesting is early October every year. However, due to the intense heat this year, the harvest started in late September. Unfortunately, on the first Sunday of October, it rained, leading to assistance in the already completed process of husking the rice.

Despite the itching caused by rice husks sticking to the body, I took on the duty of husk disposal with a sense of humor.

On the same day in the field where husks were disposed of, early-harvested taro was collected. Alongside the naturally grown taro from neglected seedlings, it stood alongside red spider lilies, creating a picturesque scene.

Japanese Skies and Cycling

My child, considering venturing out on a bicycle, traveled alone to a national park in mid-September, enjoying exploration and events. The weather was pleasant, and the sent photos conveyed the joy of the experience (attributed to the capabilities of the camera).

Despite remaining in the front row in class, there were subtle signs of growth, making me realize that my child is gradually maturing.

Late October: Full-Fledged Autumn

The seemingly endless summer finally concluded, and it wasn’t until late October that this year truly felt like autumn. Reflecting on the changing seasons, I realized that the best way to feel it is through nature and plants.

During late October, I, the Second Son, sensed the fleeting autumn landscapes from both the mountains and the village.

…And of course, the appetite grew as well (laughs).