This is a website introducing the daily life of a small-scale farmer and their family in Japan.

What is buuchan-baba ?

Thank you for visiting this site.

This website showcases the life of an elderly couple running a small farm in Saitama, Japan, along with the people around them and their daily activities. We cover various aspects of Japanese culture, food, activities, and more, so please enjoy exploring.

The elderly couple had been engaged in pig farming for over 30 years. However, as they aged and their physical strength declined, they transitioned to becoming vegetable farmers.

Therefore, the title of this website has been translated to “Granny’s Japanese Farm: From Piggy to Greens.”

The term ‘baba’ is a word that denotes a grandmother or an elderly woman. After her children got married and she became a grandmother to their grandchildren, she came to be called ‘buuchan baba.‘ The term ‘buuchan’ is a child’s word for piglets.

This website is created by an author who does not speak English, using web translation. Sometimes, there may be mistakes in vocabulary or grammar, so please be understanding.

Furthermore, we are gradually translating and releasing the content that was originally published within Japan, making corrections and improvements along the way.

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