Living in the Japanese countryside on weekends【September 2023 Summary Gallery】

This September, despite the calendar indicating the end of summer, the weather remained surprisingly hot. Unusual weather conditions were observed nationwide, causing the rice harvest to start more than a week earlier than usual.

Grandpa and Grandma’s rice field followed suit, initiating the harvest at the end of September instead of the usual first week of October. The images captured by the Second Son, who couldn’t assist on weekdays, documented the state of the field before planting, as September was somewhat lonely due to frequent overnight work commitments.

Early September: Onsen and Broccoli Planting

During a work trip to Kusatsu Onsen, a few photos were taken for the occasion.

In Grandpa and Grandma’s garden, the planting of broccoli began, and in the backyard, there was an eventful discovery of mushrooms and a hornet’s nest on the beam of an outbuilding.

Late September: Sparse Image Collection

Interestingly, the Second Son was unexpectedly busy in mid to late September. Despite maintaining the routine of staying at the family home every Saturday night to Sunday, there were no images suitable for sharing, leading to a reflective and somewhat regretful gallery for September.

The chosen few photos depict the final stages of Grandpa and Grandma’s rice field harvest and a scenic view from the Oku-Tone area in Gunma Prefecture, visited during work.