Living in the Japanese countryside on weekends【May 2023 Summary Gallery】

This is a photo gallery from May, including the Golden Week camping trip!

Well, it’s not like it’s a huge deal, but I understand that better than anyone else, lol.

Golden Week in Japan, late April to early May, combines national holidays and vacation days, prompting travel and festivities. Families gather for outings, celebrating spring and cultural heritage, creating a relaxed atmosphere with schools and businesses closed.

Golden Week Camping at Yanba Dam and Nozori Lake Campground

With a maximum of only a 3-day weekend due to work constraints, it was a rare opportunity for Second son, his wife, and 2-1 to enjoy bungalow camping in the Gunma region after over 30 years.

During the trip, we visited Yanba Dam for the first time since its completion. We also got to experience the refreshing atmosphere of Nozori Lake after several decades, raising our excitement levels♪

…Unfortunately, fishing at Nozori Lake after 30 years turned out to be a bust, though.

Busy Days in Agriculture

After the Golden Week, it was back to the hustle and bustle of farming, starting with a solo mountain stream fishing trip for redemption at Nozori Lake, followed by preparations for rice planting!

2-1 also participated, causing the usual commotion during the seed-sowing process… happens every year (lol).

On Mother’s Day, we sacrificed 2-1 to participate in an event with Grandma, and we presented homemade strawberry mousse. Before we knew it, corn shipments began, making it a busy May in Grandma’s field.