Living in the Japanese countryside on weekends【March 2024 Summary Gallery】

It’s been three months since we last shared updates from our rural weekend living gallery.

With a foot injury preventing any outdoor chores and even simple outings, there wasn’t much material to share.

However, as March began and I gradually regained mobility through rehabilitation, we resumed our ‘Weekend Rural Living with the Kids’ by visiting Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Welcoming Spring, Bit by Bit

March this year seemed uncertain with multiple snowfalls, making us wonder where the warmth of February had disappeared to.

Early in the month, we spotted the belated emergence of butterbur sprouts. Then, by mid-March, we started noticing the gradual signs of spring with blooming wildflowers. The corn seedlings nurtured in Grandma and Grandpa’s greenhouse were sequentially planted in the fields and covered with polytunnels.

Field of Rapeseed and Setting Up Beehive

If the calm weather persists from mid to late March, the early spring atmosphere can change in an instant.

The area in northern Saitama Prefecture where Grandma’s field is located perfectly embodied this transition from mid to late March.

During this period, we repaired and set up a hive box for Japanese honeybees, a project initiated by Second son. Apart from that, we simply roamed around the hometown area, capturing images of rapeseed fields and temples near the nearby stream.

Cherry Blossoms on the Last Sunday of March

And just like that, it was the last day of March.

Inspired by the spring weather, I headed towards the mountains. While the cherry blossoms on flat ground were still in bud and seemed like they would bloom next week, the mountain cherry blossoms were in full bloom. As I crossed over the mountain pass and started on my way back, I encountered the beautiful weeping cherry blossoms at a temple and decided to stop the car to take some photos.

Afterward, I made a detour to the nearby riverbank before heading back home to fully enjoy the last Sunday of March.

This update may contain plenty of images, though the quality might not be top-notch (laughs).