June Hailstorm

On June 2, 2022

Arge hailstones fell on Grandfather and Grandma’s cornfield.

Grandfather and Grandma, who were looking forward to this year’s corn harvest, saying, “I’m excited because the corn is growing well.”

At that moment, the field conveyed the size of the hail to Second Son, who was not there, so he could understand what had happened.

The corn in Grandfather and Grandma’s field, just before harvest, was in almost perfect condition.

Grandfather said, “We won’t be able to ship any,” and even when Second Son asked, “Can’t we harvest anything that looks decent?” Grandfather replied over the phone, “Even if it looks fine on the outside, if it’s hit by hail, the inside is ruined. We won’t sell a single one,” indicating they had given up on shipping.

Two days after the hailstorm, on a Sunday.

In the shed where the shipping work took place, Grandfather and Grandma’s voices were as usual. Was there anything left in a condition to be shipped? Thinking so, Second Son showed up.

Grandfather: “I’m preparing only the amount that was urgently requested, even if it’s damaged. I’m just peeling them because we won’t know the condition inside until we do. Even if they say it’s okay to take damaged ones, we can’t do that.”

Second Son: “It’s just labor.”

Grandfather: “I can’t hand over something shameful to others, so I’m selecting. If it’s just a bit damaged near the top, you can cut it off with a knife, and it won’t be noticeable.”

Second Son: “So, we can’t ship any, right? Well, but there are people who still want them.”

Grandfather: “I’d give them for free, but giving away dozens for free might make people feel awkward, so I told them it’s 50 yen each. Well, all the ones here won’t even add up to 1,500 yen (laughs).”

Grandpa and Grandma’s Corn Field

Grandfather and Grandma. Harvesting work, selecting corn that seemed to be in good condition from before 6:00 AM, peeling one by one, removing the damage, and packing them in bags for about four hours. The income for the day was 1,500 yen.

In the afternoon, Second Son and 2-1 also helped remove the electric fence for pest control, and the preparation was complete. Grandfather planned to bring a tractor into this field for leveling the ground the next day.

According to Grandfather, that’s what being a farmer is all about.